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Face-to-face campaigns

Face-to-face campaigns can be a great way to recruit supporters and initiate relationships whether this is at private sites, events, on the street or on the doorstep.


We work with you every step of the way to establish the best venues, locations, materials and messaging to meet your needs. 

Conversation enables our fundraisers to listen and learn, developing a deeper understanding of what appeals to supporters. The feedback gained during these conversations is invaluable, helping to shape and strengthen future campaigns. 

Why face-to-face?

One-to-one dialogue with supporters has never been more important, giving you a chance to listen and tailor the conversation to each supporter’s interests. 

If you're looking to build a regular supporter base and broaden your audience, face-to-face interaction is often the best way to attract and initiate long-term, highly valued supporter relationships.

We specialise in the acquisition of:

  • Regular givers

  • Lottery players

  • One-off contactless cash supporters

  • We can also offer payment options of direct debit or continuous card payment.

Face-to-Face is versatile

Face-to-face conversation gives supporters the chance to ask their own burning questions and connect more deeply with the cause, strengthening their commitment to your charity. 

With a multitude of options for the way they give and how often, more people than ever can start a relationship with your charity and, potentially, continue supporting your work for years to come.


Proud to inspire future fundraisers

We are proud that our face-to-face fundraising services offer many young people the opportunity to work on inspirational campaigns, to develop skills for life and, in many cases, build a career within our network or in the wider sector.

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I would just like to take the time to let you know that this evening I met your fundraiser Judith and she was absolutely lovely; a true credit to your cause. So warm and sincere. You could not have a better fundraiser.

Maria (charity supporter)

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