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Are you looking to inspire and engage

your charity supporters? 

Gather Fundraising connects charities with supporters who have a genuine interest and passion for the cause.


We are proud to support local, national and international charities in building brand awareness and raising funds for some of the most vital UK causes.

We offer a range of bespoke services, engaging with supporters through face-to-face dialogue, over the telephone and via instant messaging.

Typically, we work to generate a sustainable income stream of regular donations for our charity clients. But for every charity and every supporter, the pathway can differ. 

Our goal is to meet the needs of our charity clients, offering strategic fundraising advice

and helping them strengthen supporter relationships.

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“In this fast-changing world, there’s an ever greater need to monitor and adapt what we do, using our extensive insights with the public to improve our understanding and generate a tangible and positive outcome from every connection we make.” 

Dominic Will, Managing Director, Gather Campaigns

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