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Why Kidney Research UK don’t leave the success of their lottery to luck

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

Charity client: Kidney Research UK

Aim of campaign: To sign up new lottery players

Duration: April – October 2023

Type of campaign: Face-to-face (F2F) fundraising at private sites, e.g. town centres and supermarkets

About the charity: Kidney Research UK is the leading kidney research charity in the UK. Their mission is to end kidney disease – a disease that ruins lives. Kidney failure is on the increase, meaning Kidney Research UK’s work is now more important than ever. Over 3 million people in the UK are living with the severe stages of kidney disease. Treatments can be gruelling and currently there is no cure. Only research will end the suffering, and that is where Kidney Research UK and their supporters come in; to offer kidney patients and their families hope for the future.

Background: Like many charities, Kidney Research UK had seen higher than usual attrition among their regular givers in late 2022 and early 2023 due to the cost-of-living crisis. Retention among their regular lottery players remained steady, however, leading to the charity deciding to focus their budget in this area for the remainder of the year. Having run successful fundraising projects with Gather Campaigns previously, they came to us to help ensure their important lottery income wasn’t left to chance.

Targets: Sign up 4,410 players for either 1, 2 or 3 lottery lines. All 3-line players had to be at least 45 years old, as older players reduces attrition. The activity took place in major towns and cities across the UK, including London, Glasgow, Nottingham and Sheffield.

Uniquely Gather: We believe we’re the only agency that follows a 3-line lottery model. Most cap at 2 lines per player due to fears of attrition rates being higher, should players decide they’re not happy with their spend level. Although allowing for a 3-line option does make attrition rates a little higher overall, this is outweighed by the 3-line model boosting charity income and preventing fundraisers feeling pressured to sign up a higher volume of people to generate sufficient income.

The 3-line model we support is proven to be a sustainable one which benefits the charity through income; the supporter through choice; and the fundraiser through ethical practice.

Results: By the end of the campaign, the target volume had reached over 100%. The key performance indicators for SMS and email opt-ins had also been exceeded.

Client feedback: Samantha Wylie, Head of Individual Giving:

“Everyone at Gather Campaigns is very friendly and responsive. We’ve had the same team for the last 3 years, meaning we don’t have to re-educate anyone – they’ve got to know us personally and fully understand our cause. It’s clear to see that the fundraising team are engaged and trained to a very high level. Gather Campaigns don’t just support us when we’re running a campaign with them; they support our work as well, such as by helping us ensure our annual gala is a huge success through sponsorship and by purchasing tickets for fundraisers as a thank you for their great work. It’s not just their professionalism and results that we value, but their support and humanness too.”

Would you like to more about our F2F fundraising or other services? Get in touch! We look forward to speaking with you.

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