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Our response to the Fundraising Regulator’s Market Inquiry 

Updated: Mar 28

The Fundraising Regulator's market inquiry released today (26 March 2024) has concluded that charity and agency partners need to be reassured that any fundraising carried out on their behalf is done so safely and in line with the contract and the Code of Fundraising Practice.  

They summarise: 

The Fundraising Regulator has today published the findings of its first market inquiry into the use of subcontracting in face-to-face fundraising by charities and fundraising agencies. The Regulator’s recommendation to charities includes that subcontracting firms are monitored more closely and should receive appropriate training. Charities and agencies also need to be satisfied that the payment model for fundraisers is appropriate and does not lead to bad practice. 

Gather Campaigns played a key role in the agency workshops that formed an important part of the review process, and broadly welcome the Fundraising Regulator’s recommendations to charities, which is in line with our own operating model. We never engage in multiple layers of subcontracting. Our offices work exclusively with us and, as such, we have sight and control of the training, practice and compliance of our field agents. 


Our range of payment models includes employment, day-rate, and commission-based models, all of which aim to offer fundraisers the opportunity to earn at levels above living wage.  


We will continue to work with both the CIOF and Fundraising Regulator on improving industry standards wherever possible. 




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