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Why choose us

Why choose us

As a leading and tech-forward face-to-face provider, we believe we’re a top choice for charities and local authorities to partner with. Here's why...

A range of payment models allows our charity clients to choose what’s best for their campaign.

Flexibility in giving.png

Flexibility in giving

We work with our clients to get their message right so that one touchpoint can achieve multiple outcomes. A conversation can result in a new regular giver or lottery player, or, for those not in a position to give regularly, a one-off donation.

Whatever the immediate outcome, we ensure that everyone has a positive experience with a fundraiser, so even if they don’t give today, they may go on to give in the future.

Multichannel approach.png

Multi-channelled approach

We’re best known for our face-to-face conversations, but did you know we also offer a range of telephone and lead generation services to support our clients in new donor acquisition, verification, and outreach.

Our work is carried out door-to-door, on private sites, at specialist events and on the phone. Want to know more? Take a look at how we do it.

Secure and bespoke tech.png

Market leading tech

Gather Control, our suite of secure proprietary technology tailored for face-to-face interactions, underpins the human element central to our services.


Learn more about our market-leading tech.

Remuneration models.png

Fundraiser remuneration models

We offer a range of payment models, allowing our charity clients to choose what’s best for their campaign to ensure a healthy ROI is achieved and the fundraisers representing them earn a fair living wage.


Remuneration models include:

  • Direct employment

  • Day rate

  • Commission

Quality assurance.png

Quality assurance

Quality, compliance and assurance are at the heart of what we do. Our team is dedicated to working across our offices and in the field. We are fully active and committed members of the Fundraising Regulator and CIOF.

We appreciate how important it is that you choose a partner who takes quality seriously. Read more about our quality assurance. 

Long established.png

Long established

Gather Campaigns was founded back in 2013. Since then, we’ve worked with over 40 charities, delivering high-quality and impactful face-to-face campaigns that have helped transform their organisations. Many of our team members have been working in the sector for even longer. Get to know more about our team. 

Satisfied customers.png

For every person who signs up to support a charity, another 15 have engaged in a positive conversation.

Satisfied customers

We’re proud of our level of customer satisfaction. A happy client at the end of a campaign marks a job well done and means that another organisation has reached its goals or beyond. That’s why we exist — to help you make a positive impact.

Want to discuss how you too could achieve success through meaningful conversations?

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