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Quality assurance

Quality assurance

When you commission an agency to carry out your face-to-face fundraising or outreach campaign, you need to be certain you’re dealing with experts who are part of an organisation that prioritises quality assurance.

Every one of our campaigns is quality-assured and fundraising code-compliant.

Here are just some of the reasons you can be sure that when you work with us, your campaign is quality-assured and fundraising code-compliant:

  • The cutting-edge technology underpinning the work our people do allows us to plan campaigns, manage territories, monitor training, maximise performance and compliance, and carry out required verifications.

  • Our single-tier network of direct dialogue experts in the UK and Ireland is an exclusive, accountable force of experienced face-to-face and telephone professionals, delivering optimum outcomes for our clients. There is no complex subcontracting or multi-layered structure here.

  • We are a Fundraising Regulator commercial member and act strictly within their guidelines, and we are an organisational member of the Chartered Institute of Fundraising and play an active role in their championing of the work of fundraisers and charities.

  • Our central quality assurance team is out and about every single working day, visiting offices nationwide and working with fundraisers to constantly maintain and improve quality.

  • We have a list of policies on critical matters including whistleblowing, anti-slavery and anti-bribery that we are happy to share with any of our clients.​

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