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What we do

Gather Campaigns delivers three specialist services that help you make impactful one-to-one connections with your desired public audiences – fundraising, outreach and partnerships. Each is supported by many years of experience, our own market-leading technology, and a single-tier operating model across our exclusive and nationwide field network, giving us total confidence in our representatives and quality of work.

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How we do it

We provide you with insights and analytics that allow you to hone the strategy of future campaigns

The perfect blend of humans and technology

The human aspect of face-to-face is at the heart of everything we do, while all our work is underpinned by cutting-edge technology that we have designed specifically to support every step of the process, including:


  • Fundraiser training

  • Welcome comms

  • Territory and private site management

  • Reach and impact measuring

  • In-depth analytics and reporting 


A unique proposition


Just a few of the things that makes Gather Campaigns different:

  • Unparalleled team experience

  • High-spec technology specifically designed for face-to-face fundraising

  • Field offices across the UK, Ireland and internationally 

  • A reliable field network who work exclusively for us

Talk to us to find out how we can work with you to achieve your charity, outreach and partnership goals.

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