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As an organisation founded to serve and deliver positive outcomes for charities, the very essence of our existence lies in having clear values.

To best convey what’s important to us, we’ve laid out our five core values that form the bedrock of not only what we do, but how we do it. These values work as our guiding principles, informing and influencing our approach, behaviours, culture and processes.

Our 5 core values


  1. We believe all charities can benefit from the extraordinary power of face-to-face fundraising and direct dialogue. Human interaction forges an emotional connection unrivalled by any other channel when it comes to empathy, storytelling, answering questions and garnering support.

  2. All campaigns must be financially viable and represent a competitive return on investment for the charity. Our performance reports are easy-to-understand, transparent and evidenced with granular data for thorough analysis.

  3. Respectful and professional human interaction is at the heart of everything we do. This includes our conversations with supporters, our client and colleague relationships and the way we treat suppliers.

  4. We are inclusive and welcome differences. This goes for our in-house team, our wider network and our partners. We take every possible step to ensure the opportunities we offer are equal and open to all.

  5. We are responsible suppliers. Quality assurance is key to our service. We always strive to be fully compliant with The Fundraising Regulator’s Code of Conduct.

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