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Delivering your message to the people who need to hear it most. 

For local authorities, failing to reach people isn’t an option.

Reaching people in the community can be extremely challenging.


For governments, local authorities, housing associations and utility suppliers with a critical message to share with the public, reaching people is of utmost importance. But it may not even be obvious which pockets of the population the message is failing to penetrate. We can help you identify the people and areas where you can have the most impact.

We use our extensive experience in face-to-face engagement along with our ability to mobilise teams at speed to take those critical messages out there, ensuring people not only know about them, but also understand them.


Some of the vital messages our Outreach team has successfully shared:

  • The importance and availability of MMR vaccines

  • Mental health and smoking cessation

  • Keeping people safe and well at home — free from damp and mould

  • Delivering health testing kits

Places we go to share your messages:

  • Community groups

  • Door-to-door

  • Schools and colleges

  • Shopping centres

  • Town centres

  • Train stations


Be part of the conversation — talk to us about our outreach services today.

Reaching people with the greatest need.

“Being able to offer home test kits at our resident’s door steps has given people who may not have taken a test the ability to do so, easily. It’s helped them to stay home, given peace of mind, and helped us to control the spread of the virus. This additional testing offer has been crucial as we have suffered some of the highest rates of Coronavirus in London, and has demonstrated that we are doing everything we can to keep Redbridge safe.”

— Councillor Mark Santos,

Redbridge Council’s Lead member for Health

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