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Gather Outreach lends a hand at Redbridge’s Disability Awareness Festival

We were thrilled to take part in the Disability Awareness Festival in Wanstead this week.

The London Borough of Redbridge’s annual pan-disability event to celebrate the abilities of local residents, the day is co-produced by Redbridge Forum, LBR, Vision, and Uniting Friends, amongst others.

A fun and accessible day out, the event offers those with disabilities and long-term health conditions the chance to showcase their talents and take part in lots of activities, workshops, and sports. This year, there were also some wonderful food stalls, and music and dance performances – including a Freddie Mercury tribute act!

Attracting people from all over the local area, the festival is a great way of breaking down barriers between those with disabilities and the wider public, and spreading vital awareness of the specialist information, advice and services that are available to the community.

And this is where we came in! Our Gather Outreach team was on hand to distribute information about the health services available to local disabled residents. With the end of summer approaching, this also included talking to people about flu vaccines to encourage take up before the winter season arrives.

Over the course of the event, it was great to see our team kept busy by a steady stream of visitors, meaning we were able to share this vital information with lots of people. We also had some wonderful chats – and as you can see from the photo, we even had a visit from Redbridge Mayor, Thavathuray Jeyaranjan.

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