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Over 150,000 Covid tests facilitated in the home through PFS

A Covid-19 testing programme first piloted in the London Borough of Redbridge to extend public health outreach has enabled over 150,000 people in London and Birmingham to complete Covid tests without leaving their homes. This service has been crucial in the fight against the pandemic, particularly for elderly people, those living at risk or shielding at home.

The door-to-door programme, run by PFS (Personal Fundraising Services), continues to bring Covid testing out to residents in local areas, also offering guidance for how to complete the tests safely and how to access vaccinations in the area.

The campaign was first trialled in December 2020 as case numbers rose sharply. Over that time, the Covid outreach team has brought PCR and lateral flow test kits out to residents in at risk communities, to the elderly, those who are house-bound and more.

Earlier this Summer, Cllr Mark Santos, Redbridge Council Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care and Health took to the streets with one of the PFS Covid teams, delivering tests, encouraging vaccine uptake and sharing information about what residents can do to stay safe.

With the Delta variant seeing Covid cases on the rise once more, door-to-door teams continue to be active in Redbridge, offering testing kits and advice for local residents. The team wears PPE and carries ID to show that they are working on behalf of Redbridge Council.

Dominic Will, Managing Director of PFS, says:

“We’re hugely proud to have been able to play a part in keeping people safe during the pandemic. Our campaign teams have been fantastic and we’re delighted to continue offering public health outreach services in partnership with local authorities to residences across the UK.”

For more information about our public health outreach services, get in touch here.

Image credit: Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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