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Our face-to-face fundraisers are back

It may be arctic temperatures for April, but our fundraisers are delighted to be back out and about today talking with the public about charities that so urgently need their support.

Covid-19 has had a huge impact on the charities we work with and their need for public donations is greater than ever.

Face-to-face conversations are often the first step in a long-term supporter relationship, and these conversations can be just as pivotal and engaging for supporters as they can be for the charities we work with. So, it’s fantastic to get back out there once more.

We know how important it is that that these interactions are not only inspirational, but that they are carried out sensitively and – of course – safely. Having been busy supporting local authorities by facilitating home testing in recent months, the team has the advantage of being well prepared and practiced in engaging with the public during the pandemic.

For more information:

Find out more about our work with local authorities here.

Or get in touch to find out more about our work.

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