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Real life stories: The key to being a successful F2F fundraiser...

The key to being a successful F2F fundraiser is being the best possible version of yourself, says Leoni. “Instead of buying that extra cup of coffee, think about donating the money to charity. It could make a huge difference.”

Leoni — F2F Fundraiser

Leoni Bishop has been a face-to-face (F2F) fundraiser for Gather Campaigns for over a year. This has given her a unique insight not only into the challenges all fundraisers are facing during the cost-of-living crisis, but also into what makes a great F2F fundraiser and why the role is so important for national and local charities.

During one of her days at work, we asked Leoni a few questions to find out more about her story…

How do you prepare for a great fundraising experience?

“Today I’m working with a national healthcare charity. We’re working on a regular giving campaign, although our work is about much more than that.

“In preparation for this campaign, we’ve undergone a lot of training specific to this charity.

The training takes various formats, including videos and presentations, and is designed to make sure we gain in-depth knowhow about the charity, so that we can represent and champion them in the best possible way.”

What do you need to be a F2F fundraiser?

“Positivity and mental resilience. You need to understand that not everyone is going to say yes and become a donor. When introducing yourself and interacting with the public, you just have to present the best possible version of yourself, remembering you’re an ambassador for the charity, representing them in a good light and is more likely to result in an engaging conversation.

“It’s about having positive body language and being conscious of how you converse and also how you listen. Every single person has left home to do something. They have an objective, whether that’s going to work, buying lunch or visiting a friend. We just want to have a quick conversation to explain the value of the charity. They may be in a hurry, but our objective is to ask them to stop for a moment and do something great.”

Why is F2F so worthwhile?

“I’ve personally helped raise £100,000 for one national charity, which is something I’m very proud of. It makes my job really worthwhile and helps me see what an impact I’m having. Alongside that, I get the chance to raise awareness of some fantastic causes. Even talking to someone for a few minutes gives charities much-needed exposure and builds awareness of the amazing work they do.”

The cost-of-living challenge

“While the cost-of-living crisis doesn't change the fact that charities still need to raise funds, we do all we can to understand a person and their situation right from the start. It’s a balancing act. We talk to people about their circumstances and try to make them realise that for the cost of a cup of coffee, they could be helping a charity that really needs it. It’s about putting things into perspective and making people realise that a small thing could make a big difference.”

If you have any enquiries about the work we do and the services we offer, please make an enquiry here.

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