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Real life stories: How Jade’s mum inspired her to become a F2F fundraiser

Our face-to-face (F2F) fundraisers have joined us from many different and varied backgrounds. Some have arrived with experience in fundraising or working for a charity, while others have trodden a very different path. In the case of Jade Tang, the latter is certainly true.

Jade — F2F Fundraiser

Jade joined Gather Campaigns after working for a dance academy in Milton Keynes. While that gave her experience in all aspects of running a business and working with people, stepping out onto the streets and representing national and local charities presented a very different challenge.

But Jade used family experience to succeed as a F2F fundraiser, as she explains:

“I wanted to become a fundraiser because I thought about how my mum supports charities every single month. That was my inspiration for wanting to get involved with good causes. Of course, not everyone you meet is going to stop or give a donation. But I always think about how I’d want my mum to be treated in that situation — and that’s how I try to act with members of the public.”

Jade spoke to us during a regular giving campaign supporting a national cancer charity. She explained that as well as her core training at Gather in how to be a great F2F fundraiser, she’d also undergone bespoke training to learn all about the charity she was representing, their key messages and values and the specifics of the campaign.

She said: “We take what we learn in the training very seriously as we’re representing the charity when we speak to the public. It’s vital that we have an understanding of the charity and how their work is making a difference. As well as this, F2F fundraisers must have integrity, be honest and genuine, and have empathy. And a smile goes a long way too!”

After working for Gather Campaigns for a year, Jade is well placed to answer why F2F fundraising is so important:

“For me, it’s about human-to-human connection. We can see and talk with people directly and they quickly realise we're here to help. F2F is a great introduction to a charity and another way for the public to show a level of gratitude for the work charities do. From a charity’s perspective, it’s a perfect way to reach a new and different audience.”

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